Chabad At Brooklyn College

Chabad is that place for Jewish students at Brooklyn College.

Shabbat Dinners

Join us weekly at Chabad for a delicious 4 course homemade dinner!
A place to celebrate being Jewish and make new friends!

Jewish U

Explore your Jewish heritage.
Easily. Deeply. Rewardingly.

The easiest way to a Jewish education alongside your college degree.

No homework. No fees. No sweat.

Sinai Scholars

Learn and earn!
The world demands a lot of us. Papers, exams, internships, interviews and the list goes on 🤯
Everyone needs a stress-free space to reconnect with what matters most. And the bonus- a $350 stipend!
Learn more & join us at

Girls Chavrusa Learning

Dive in for real soulful learning with the girls over delicious dinner and good energy!

Guys Yeshiva Night

Get into the Yeshiva vibe with the guys. Chilled space, great learning and delicious dinner each week!

Thursday night chill

Thursday nights is the THE night at Chabad! A space to chill and hang out. Each week a different and exciting social and food event to give you a place to unwind and have a great time!

Coffee Date

Have something on your mind? Or just want to chill and connect with Rabbi or Riky? Hit us up for a coffee date

Get your own Mezuzah

Need a mezuzah for your home or apartment? 
We’ve got you covered!